Intern Carol and I had such a great time photographing this wedding. Everyone in the wedding party was so easy to get a long with. The day went so smoothly... even with a huge storm rolling in we were able to fit in all of our pictures out side. Carol and I also go to drive a golf cart around the huge grounds-- a very fun and scary experience! lol! :) Here is a slide show of their wedding day highlights! Enjoy!



Welcome to the JUNIOR + SENIOR contest 2011! 
All entries will be posted today @ 4:00 to the Ashley Nacke Photography facebook page. All voters must first be a fan of Ashley Nacke Photography and “LIKE” your photo to count as a vote. Comments are welcome but will not count :) Voting will close next Monday the 25th at midnight! Please vote for the group you think would best represent ANP! 
GROUP 1: They think that why they would make great ANP models is because of their absolute fun style! They think that they can represent ANP very well with their fresh new styles and lovely attitudes and faces! They always have the best styles at school and in an everday environment. Each girl would make a great face for ANP 2012!

GROUP 2: We would make great ANP models because we simply just love to have fun and let our personalities shine. Taking pictures and being ourselves is what we're best at. It really shows off our styles, and the creative side that most people may not know about. Also, it would give us a boost of confidence and more experience in the "modeling" world. It's a great way to have fun, be yourself, let loose, and just feel beautiful in your own skin.

GROUP 3: We would make great ANP models because we are like sisters and outgoing (definitely not camera shy),We love each other to death, we have great chemistry together and are upbeat and I think it shows on camera. Also between the four of us (we practically share one giant closet) we have plenty of fashion sense, colorful high heels, and fierceness. We would love to be the winners of the contest and represent ANP!!! :)) 

TO VOTE PLEASE CLICK HERE: Ashley Nacke Facebook



Here is some inspiration for you JUNIORS + SENIORS who are planning on entering my contest!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!



I am looking for a group of friends (3-5 girls or guys) with an amazing sense of fashion, fun attitude, and who feel comfortable in front of the camera! I need YOU to be the new faces of ANP! You must be a 2012 Junior OR Senior to enter. The contest is open to students from any high school but you must be willing to travel to Grant County. *** I AM NOW ALLOWING THIS YEARS SENIORS TO ENTER (by request) :) :) :)

To enter email me at ashleynackephotography@gmail.com with the following information:
1. Names of everyone in your group
2. Ages
3. Why you think you would make great ANP models.
4. Email me a photo including the following:
- Your entire group
- Someone must be holding a cluster of colorful balloons
- Show off your favorite fashions
- Someone must be holding a sign that says... ANP 2012
- Someone must be holding a sign that says... PICK US!
5. All entries must be emailed to me by Sunday April 17th @ midnight.

After midnight all entries will be posted to the Ashley Nacke Photography facebook page. All voters must first be a fan of Ashley Nacke Photography and “LIKE” your photo. Voting will close one week after the photo’s are posted.

The winners will receive a group photo session with me and a CD of all the images.


Shower Power + Photo Booth Fun!

It's hard to believe that Allie is getting married! I remember in high school we sat around my parents dining room table praying for our special someone to come along and crying over boys who just weren't making the cut! It's almost humorous to look back now! :) Sigh... another special someone has come along and swept one of my friends off their feet (we love you Ryan).

This past weekend was one of Allie's showers + Bachelorette parties! It's always fun when old friends and new friends combine! We all had a blast and I even danced at the Cadillac Ranch 38 weeks pregnant- I think there are pictures of that floating around somewhere. For her shower I thought it would be fun to do a photo booth with funny props! Everyone had a fun time with it! I am hoping to incorporate an option like this into my wedding's what do you guys think?

Her wedding is now under a month away and I can't wait to post pictures from that! I love being in weddings but let's just pray I survive in the glitter heals I have to wear! :)